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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Pillar Veritas is an established, independent Canadian-based investigation and security risk consulting firm offering a diverse menu of services to public/private companies, investors, individuals and other entities world-wide. We also offer our services to other accredited investigation agencies based in Canada and internationally.

Our domestic and international investigative services include the assessment of prospective business partners and new employees for honesty and reliability (due diligence), the investigation of fraud, corruption, and other compliance matters as well as the investigation of a wide variety of other criminal and civil cases.

We assist clients in identifying and managing security risks in complex and unstable regions of the world where crime, violence and corruption, often rooted in organized crime or based on guerilla/terrorist activity, are serious concerns to companies operating there.

Services are uniquely delivered to meet clients' ranging needs and outcomes are reliable, discreet and timely. Pillar Veritas does not engage in any unethical investigative practices and stands by its commitment to truth and uncompromised integrity.

Pillar Veritas is licensed and bonded under the Security Services and Investigator's Act, governed by the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security Ministry.

If you would like additional details about Pillar Veritas or any of our service offerings, please contact us and we would be pleased to provide you with further information.

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