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Pillar Veritas specializes in Canadian due diligence research and investigation services for corporate clients, financial institutions, legal professionals and accredited investigations agencies from Canada, US, UK and other countries.

Clients often have a mission-critical need to understand whether a prospective investment, acquisition or business partner based in Canada has a history of criminal activity, civil litigation or other disreputable behaviors detrimental to their interests. Intelligence collection and sensitive industry- specific enquiries into a company's and its principals' reputations can be undertaken as well as a number of other customized avenues of investigation (depending on the clients' needs and level of financial risk).

Due diligence investigations are also conducted in other countries for clients who are exposed to potential risk from foreign based business partners or from companies based in countries where corrupt business practices are systemic.

Pillar Veritas has the knowledge, experience and wide network of Canadian and international investigative resources to assist our clients in managing risk tied to critical business decisions.

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