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Nick Maduck is the founder and Director of Pillar Veritas and has over 40 years of combined investigation and security risk management experience in both the public and private sectors.

Nick holds a B. Sc. in Chemistry (Hons) and began his career as a forensic scientist with the RCMP Forensic Laboratories in Vancouver and Regina responsible for scientific analysis of crime scene evidence, providing expert testimony and scientific reports for courts in Canada. He remains acutely aware of the value of physical evidence in criminal and civil investigations.

Nick subsequently performed RCMP regular police duties in western Canada before he was transferred to the RCMP Security Service in Alberta (1981) where he conducted counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and other national security investigations. In 1984, the Canadian Government created the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to assume responsibility for investigating threats to the security of Canada.

From 1984 to 1996, Nick served as a senior intelligence officer for CSIS in both Edmonton and Calgary, acquiring extensive operational experiences related to the collection/analysis of security intelligence:

  • Domestic/International terrorism
  • Foreign government intelligence activity in Canada
  • Transnational organized crime
  • Economic/industrial espionage

As the corporate liaison officer for CSIS in Calgary, he interacted extensively with the private sector, particularly with those energy and high-tech companies conducting business in the international arena where threats to their security (from a safety and intellectual property standpoint) are significant.

Nick chose early retirement from government service, opting to utilize his experience to provide services directly to the private sector.

For the past 18 years, Nick has provided both domestic and foreign investigation as well as security consulting services to a wide array of clients from Canada, the United States and Britain. Services on their behalf included operations in other countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, India, Africa and Eastern Europe. During his 40 plus years of combined experience in law enforcement, security intelligence and parallel activity in the private sector, Nick has developed a national and global network of investigation and security professionals enabling him to be exceptionally equipped to satisfy his clients' tasking requirements in both Canada and internationally.

    Industry and Other Associations

  • ASIS International
  • Alberta Association of Private Investigators (AAPI)
  • Canadian Association of Private Investigators (CAPI)
  • Risk Assistance Network + Exchange (RANE)
  • RCMP Veterans' Association
  • Pillar Society
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