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Pillar Veritas provides independent, on-site security reviews and consulting services for corporate clients in foreign countries where the risks to employee security and company operations are significant. Security countermeasures are recommended and in-country security contractors are identified, vetted and managed until client in-house personnel can take effective control.

Incidents of criminal activity such as extortion and hostage-taking commonly occur in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and elsewhere in South America where drug cartels and guerilla activity exist. As well, hostile political or religious insurgent activity has been well-documented in certain unstable countries. When operating in these countries, companies have a fiduciary responsibility to their employees and investors to ensure that effective risk mitigation is an integral part of their operations.

When companies or their personnel fall victim to such criminal activity, an effective Crisis Management Plan (CMP) should be designed and in place beforehand to ensure that every effort is made to safeguard or rescue victims and to protect operations. Pillar Veritas has the knowledge and experience to custom design/implement a CMP and to activate a network of proven reliable, in-country security operatives that are well-positioned to assist in a crisis situation on a timely basis.

In recent years, Pillar Veritas has successfully resolved several extortion attempts and managed a hostage for ransom rescue in Latin America. Operatives utilized by Pillar Veritas have undertaken dozens of kidnap for ransom and other extortion cases in Mexico, Colombia and other countries in Latin America over the years.

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